Tracker Hunting Stabilizer

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New for 2018! Our new Tracker Series Hunting Stabilizers offer a low profile, light weight bar equipped with a proprietary removable dampening system. In the tradition of Spider Archery Stabilizers the Tracker is constructed of durable, ultra-rigid, advanced engineered carbon fiber. The Tracker is designed to handle the harshest of hunting environments, but versatile enough for the Bowhunter Freestyle Competitor.

The diameter of the carbon fiber is only 0.59” allowing the Tracker to have a sleek, low profile resulting in less wind drag. Each endcap is constructed in anodized, American machined, aircraft grade aluminum.

The Tracker hunting stabilizers are available in
6” – 12” lengths. One powder coated 4oz extreme weight is included with each stabilizer.

*Stabilizer length does not include the weight or dampening system. The 4oz weight included with the stabilizer adds 0.43” to the total length and the dampening system adds 0.73” for a combine total length of 1.6”