Pro-X Series Stabilizers

Spider Archery Pro-X Series Stabilizers are the latest and most advanced stabilizers released to date. This series of stabilizers utilizes a small 0.70" diameter carbon made from a proprietary blend of unidirectional Ultra High Modulus carbon fiber. The Pro-X series stabilizers were designed to offer tournament archers three distinctly different options when choosing the perfect stabilization system. The Pro-X series stabilizers progressively increase in stiffness starting with the Pro-X and progressing to the Pro-X Plus and onto the Pro-X Extreme. 

Not all archers are alike and many prefer to set their bows up differently. One of the most influential factors in determining an archer’s choice in stabilizers is directly related to the length of the stabilizer and the amount of added weight. As weight is added to the distal ends of the stabilizers it helps resist the movement of the bow by increasing the bow’s moment of inertia. There is, however, a point of diminishing returns. As you continue to add weight, increasing the moment of inertia, the bow becomes heavier and eventually the archer is unable to effectively hold up the bow. 

Another factor influencing stabilizer selection is stiffness. In most cases archers are looking for ultra-stiff stabilizers. There are however many archers’ sensitive to the shock and feedback felt in their bow hand and are willing to trade some stiffness for a softer feel. There needs to be a balance between overall bow weight, a person’s physical ability, and the stiffness of the stabilizer. The Pro-X series were designed to address these factors.